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The domestic range

From a tiny jug to a large long neck urn, the pots in the domestic range can enhance the inside of your home. As well as adding an attractive feature all these pots can perform a useful function and are an unusual alternative to the normal mass-produced wares.

Long Necked Pots

Available with or without planting pockets, the holed version is an eye-catching planter. Long necked pots are very distinctive and are ideal for tall dried flower arrangements.

They can also be used to make a unique feature such as an umbrella stand inside the home or useful for holding walking sticks in the porch. Long necked oots are made in one standard size.



Long necked pot with pockets23 x 14 (in)585 x 355 (mm)£40.00
Long necked pot without pockets23 x 14 (in)585 x 355 (mm)£40.00

Traditional Baking Bowls

A fantastic present for the chef with everything. These very attractive yet totally practical bowls are sealed with a warm yellow glaze and topped with a rich red rim. These bowls have been produced at Littlethorpe Pottery since 1831 and although these popular pots are now viewed as highly fashionable they do still serve a very practical purpose.

Due to the slip and glaze work required, these pots are fired three times which explains the high cost relative to pots of a similar size.

Small baking bowl6 x 10 (in)150 x 255 (mm)£45.00
Large baking bowl7 x 12 (in)175 x 305 (mm)£65.00

Amphora Jars (flat based)

These classically shaped pots are real eye catchers and have the practical benefit of a flat base.

Many are requested with large holes in the base allowing them to be used as garden water features.

Small amphora jar15 x 12 (in)380 x 305 (mm)£25.00
Large amphora jar18 x 13 (in)455 x 330 (mm)£35.00

Milk Coolers

These pots have been made at Littlethorpe Potteries since 1831 and over all that time have remained a very popular pot from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

The pots are made with a 'gallery' top (best seen from the overhead picture) which at the height of summer can be filled with water, the gallery top acts as a little reservoir which allows the water to gradually seep into the porous clay and as this water evaporates out of the clay the latent heat of evaporation cools the inside of the pot a few degrees.

These pots are also supplied with robust / heavy lids that offer your milk bottles protection from prying birds and resistance to the odd clumsy milk man.



Size wise the small milk cooler will hold three one pint glass bottles or four square plastic one pint bottles.

The large will hold four one pint glass bottles but also has enough height to hold three two pint plastic milk bottles.

Small milk cooler10 x 10 (in)255 x 255 (mm)£30.00
Large milk cooler11.5 x 11.5 (in)290 x 290 (mm)£40.00

Bread/Potato Crocks

Bulbous and roomy, the shape has remained unchanged since the 1830's.

The pot is glazed inside with a hole in the lid to allow air circulation.

Crocks are available in 2 sizes, small and large.

Small glazed bread/potato crock12 x 11 (in)305 x 280 (mm)£35.00
Large glazed bread/potato crock14 x 13 (in)355 x 330 (mm)£50.00

The items below are made to order. Please email us for more details.

Glazed Saucers

Available to match the base of every pot to prevent water seepage. This shallow saucer can be sealed with a warm terracotta glaze, allowing all of your pots to be placed inside your home as well as outside.

Saucers are charged £1 per inch so a five inch saucer is £5 whereas a 10 inch saucer is £10.



These shapely and very popular containers are ideal for cut or dried flower arrangements or kitchen utensils.

Littlethorpe Pottery makes a large range of glazed and unglazed jugs to meet a range of requirements and specific sizes and shapes may be ordered on an individual basis.