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The traditional range

All the pots in the traditional range have been a popular choice with gardeners over many years. Several shapes including the distinctive Littlethorpe Long Tom, Box Pot and Forcing Jars have given good service for a century and a half and remain unchanged.

Two and Four Handled Pots

Elegant feature pots for that special garden location. They have a pronounced high shoulder and wide girth.

The two handled pot is available in 2 sizes (large and small) while the 4 handled pot is only available in the larger size.

Small two handled pot14 x 13 (in)355 x 330 (mm)£30.00
Large two handled pot17 x 16 (in)430 x 405 (mm)£40.00
Large four handled pot17 x 16 (in)430 x 405 (mm)£45.00

Littlethorpe Long Tom

The original Lily Pot is ideal for deep rooting plants but has many other uses. The pots when grouped together in different sizes make a real feature out of that awkward corner. The Littlethorpe Long Tom’s come with substantial rim, ample drainage holes and are available in five sizes, mini, small, medium, large and extra large.

Mini long tom6 x 5.5 (in)150 x 140 (mm)£4.00
Small long tom11 x 7 (in)280 x 175 (mm)£9.00
Medium long tom13.5 x 8 (in)365 x 215 (mm)£18.00
Large long tom15.5 x 9 (in)405 x 245 (mm)£30.00
Extra large long tom17 x 10.5 (in)455 x 265 (mm)£40.00

Box Pots

A simple yet attractive shape that compliments the narrower Long Tom. Ideal for single geraniums to add a bit of colour to garden steps or small colourful feature plants such as miniature Sunflowers.

They are available in 3 sizes, small, large or extra large.


Small box pot6 x 6 (in)150 x 150 (mm)£5.00
Large box pot8 x 8 (in)205 x 205 (mm)£10.00
Extra large box pot10 x 10 (in)255 x 255 (mm)£15.00

Flat Top Box Pots

Flat top box pots also come in two sizes

Again they are a great general purpose planter with the added benefit of the flat rim, allowing the pot to be easily moved without disturbing delicate foliage.

Small flat top box pot6 x 6 (in)150 x 150 (mm)£5.00
Large flat top box pot8 x 8 (in)205 x 205 (mm)£10.00

Victorian Planters

Old-fashioned big-belled pots, they are ideal for bushy herbaceous plants such as hydrangeas and busy lizzies that require a significant amount of nutrients and a firm rooting bed.

Vicki Planters are available with or without bread crock style handles and come in three sizes. The picture illustrates the natural aging effect of Littlethorpe pots.


Standard Victorian planter9.5 x 12.5 (in)245 x 320 (mm)£20.00
Large Victorian planter11 x 15 (in)280 x 380 (mm)£30.00

Vicki planters and Hosta Pots.

Traditional Pans

A useful general-purpose planter. The generous rim allows easy and secure movement when planted out.

Traditional Pans are available in five sizes, mini, small, medium, large and extra large.

Small traditional pan5 x 10 (in)130 x 225 (mm)£8.00
Medium traditional pan6 x 12.5 (in)150 x 315 (mm)£12.00
Large traditional pan7 x 14 (in)175 x 355 (mm)£20.00
Extra large traditional pan8 x 16 (in)205 x 405 (mm)£30.00

Bulb Bowl

The traditional bulb bowl has generously curving sides and amble depth for deeper rooting bulbs. Bulb bowls are available in five sizes.

Small bulb bowl4 x 8 (in)105 x 205 (mm)£5.00
Medium bulb bowl5 x 10 (in)125 x 255 (mm)£8.00
Large bulb bowl6 x 12 (in)150 x 305 (mm)£15.00
Extra large bulb bowl7 x 14 (in)175 x 355 (mm)£20.00

Ripon Planters

This traditional Littlethorpe pot is usually used as an alternative to the straight-sided bedding bowl as a planter of low growing annuals.

They are available in three sizes with or without a single band.


Small Ripon planter7 x 12 (in)175 x 305 (mm)£12.00
Medium Ripon planter8 x 15 (in)205 x 380 (mm)£20.00
Large Ripon planter10 x 17 (in)225 x 430 (mm)£30.00

Bell Pots

These aesthetically pleasing pots are excellent for large feature plants (see below) and ornamental trees. The gently rounded base allows easy transplantation.

Small bell pot9 x 12 (in)230 x 305 (mm)£20.00
Large bell pot12 x 13 (in)305 x 330 (mm)£30.00