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Horticultural planters

All the pots in the horticultural planter range have wide tops and are, therefore, easy to plant. They are also easy to empty which is an essential feature if a pot is to be suitable for a shrub that develops a big root ball. The horticultural planter range comprises a very wide range of sizes and styles, providing a solution to any planting problem.

Bedding Bowls

These have a wide planting area and are ideal for low growing annuals such a Geraniums. Bedding bowls come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. They are available with Frills or Bands for an additional £5.


Small bedding bowl9 x 16 (in)230 x 405 (mm)£25.00
Medium bedding bowl10 x 19 (in)255 x 485 (mm)£40.00
Large bedding bowl12 x 22 (in)305 x 560 (mm)£50.00

Tuscan Planters

One of our most popular pots, the essential large planter. They are ideal for large feature plants such as topiary trees and evergreens.

In arrangements they look good with a central shrub or conifer combined with trailing plants, such as ivy, around the rim.

Small Tuscan planter10 x 13 (in)255 x 330 (mm)£25.00
Medium Tuscan planter12 x 16.5 (in)305 x 415 (mm)£40.00
Large Tuscan planter14 x 18 (in)355 x 465 (mm)£55.00
Extra large Tuscan planter16 x 19.5 (in)405 x 475 (mm)£75.00

Hosta Pots

Available in either small or large sizes. They are a useful general purpose pot and are ideal for large Hosta’s. Their tapered shape allows for easy emptying and dividing of vigorous plants.

Three extra drainage holes are inserted around the base to ensure root systems do not become waterlogged.

Standard Hosta pot10.5 x 12.5 (in)270 x 320 (mm)£20.00
Large Hosta pot12 x 14.5 (in)305 x 365 (mm)£30.00
Extra Large Hosta pot14 x 16 (in)355 x 405 (mm)£40.00

Agapanthus Pot

This traditional straight-sided pot with thick rim was originally designed for the Agapanthus Lily. It has however become one of our most popular pots and is ideal for showing off small topiary trees or large grasses / shrubs.

These pots also come with extra holes around the base to ensure excellent drainage.

Standard Agapanthus pot10 x 10.5 (in)255 x 270 (mm)£20.00
Large Agapanthus pot12 x 13 (in)305 x 330 (mm)£30.00
Extra Large Agapanthus pot14 x 14 (in)355 x 355 (mm)£40.00

The French Plant Pot

This lovely proportioned pot is a real favourite, it has a solid rim, a single frill to add a bit of detail and drainage hole in the base of the pot.

French plant pot10 x 13 (in)255 x 330 (mm)£25.00

Pedestal Plant Pot

This traditional design is a real gardener’s favourite. The pots have a large rim that is complimented by a pedestal base. The pots are ideal for small evergreen shrubs or larger feature plants.

Pedestal Plant Pot7.5 x 10 (in)190 x 255 (mm)£10.00